AUMR Residents Club Membership
The AUMR Residents Club is an innovative membership program offered exclusively to residents of properties managed by the AUMR Property Group. This membership allows residents exclusive offers at number of inner-Brisbane’s finest restaurants, cafes and retailors.
Full list of vendors can be found here*
Health & Fitness
*Vendors list may not be accurate and subject to change without notice.Refer to the website to current detaiils.
Terms & Conditions:
  • The AUMR Membership card is only available to residents of buildings managed by the AUMR Property Group, and deemed appropriate by the AUMR Management Team, and does not warrant that it will be issued to all residents.
  • The Membership card is non-transferable.
  • The AUMR Management Team reserves the right to revoke the benefits of the card at any time and is not required to give a reason for doing so.
  • The AUMR Management Team reserves the right to vary these conditions when and if necessary.
  • The AUMR Management Team will endeavour to keep the vendor’s list current and accurate but does not warrant that each of those vendors or participating businesses will offer the discount stated or any discount at all.
  • The card remains the property of the AUMR Property Group at all times and must be returned to The AUMR Management Team when the cardholder ceases to be a resident of a building managed by the AUMR Property Group or incurs a $50 replacement fee, if not returned.